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Great Modern Storytellers

One of the oldest ways of relaying our history has been through storytelling, passing on valuable information in the form of a fable, a song or an epic poem. And in real terms storytelling has not altered that much since the beginning of time. Modern-day storytellers may use different communication methods to deliver their point, but they are essentially doing the same job as their forefathers did. Storytellers not only relay information, they can inspire people to create movements and to open minds to new ideas and concepts. In this blog we look at some of the best modern-day storytellers.

Walt Disney

The king of animation, Walt Disney created his stories in a way that transcended age, and his films focused on minute details that when put together formed a credible tale. When you watch a Disney film you are immersed in the experience from the very beginning, characters jump out and form everlasting bonds to make the experience truly unforgettable. It is not just the skill of the animators that make a Disney film a true classic, the fantastical settings and the credible story lines are just as important as the film maker’s craft.

Richard Branson

Richard Branson is one of the most powerful men in the world today, but he built his empire from never shying away from telling people what he thought. He loves to converse and holding conversation, be it in the media or in person. He constantly shares stories of his life which help to inspire his employees as well as outsiders. He is frank in what he shares which makes what he says important and this captures his audience from the very beginning. Perhaps his biggest quality is that he is not a polished orator, and that makes his stories credible.

Bob Dylan

Bob Dylan is a modern day troubadour, his songs always have a theme and an important point. For decades Bob Dylan has sung about social history as he experienced it. The power of Dylan’s songs is not the melody or his semi-tuneful voice, it is the message he relays to the listener. Dylan has written protest songs, songs about racial and sexual inequality, even songs about modern day greed and capitalism. The powerful stories are a commentary on the society we live in and question those that govern and lead us.

Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs was one of the greatest storytellers of modern times, in fact his whole career has been based on telling stories. He created Apple Inc, one of the most forward thinking technology companies that has ever existed. He needed to get his employees believing in the same dream that he had so that they became almost disciples and made the business grow. The greatest storytellers inspire others to relay their messages and tell other people, they can only do this if the story can be easily retold and motivate people into action. If you wish your story to spread then it has to be memorable, it also has to have a factual basis so it is supported. All the great storytellers we featured had this, that is why they became so successful.

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