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The History of Storytelling

Storytelling has always had a magical part to it, by this what is meant is that a good storyteller can hold their audience in a sort of a trance captivated by what is being spoken. It is not a coincidence that young children are captivated by a bedside story from their parents, to dream in […]

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The Storytellers of Ancient Greece

Storytelling began in cavemen days, where drawings on cave walls depicted the day to day lives of the people who lived such a basic life. And ever since it has grown with the ages, in form and context. Perhaps the first major civilization to put their stamp on storytelling were the Ancient Greeks. During this […]

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The Myths and Legends of Thailand

The ancient world of Siam is captured in the myths and legends of modern Thailand. This remarkable country in Southeast Asia is steeped in old traditions, legends and myths, and its people love terrifying ghost stories, and national heroes. Naresuan’s Elephant Battle Thailand has had a few former names and one of the very oldest […]

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