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The Science of Storytelling – Part 2

The art of good storytelling as just as much about science and how our brain reacts to a story well told, to any perceived magic. But a really good narrator knows just what buttons to push to captivate an audience and leave it spellbound. Whether a storyteller knows what the scientific approach is to tell […]

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The Science of Storytelling – Part 1

Since the very first days when man could barely talk, stories have always been told, they grab us and take us in to another fantastical world. They also allow us to live sort of vicariously, that is by imagining the storytellers experience. Not everybody has the skill to narrate stories and keep their audiences captivated […]

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How Pixar Tells a Story

One of the great animated movie companies in the world is Pixar, and it is debatably one of the greatest storytellers of modern times. Because its visual action is dealt with by animation it opens the door for fantastic storylines that capture the imagination. Pixar understand how to move the emotions of its audiences, and […]

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