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How Stories are told in Different Parts of the World – Part 2

Storytelling differs all over the world and the way people relay their news and information can be delivered many different ways. In speech, song, dance and using props such as puppetry, we look at some of the vastly different ways that stories are told around the world. Rakugo The Japanese art of storytelling is called […]

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The Oldest Written Stories of History

Humans have been telling each other stories since, presumably, we first learned to speak. Our imagination endows us with great potential for the codifying idle thought into complex fantasy, that oftentimes seems as real as the physical world around us. These verbal stories, however entrancing, are now mostly lost to the mists of time. Ancient […]

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How Stories are told in Different Parts of the World – Part 1

For as long as man has tried to communicate with his fellow man, people have developed ways to relay information to one another as effectively as they can. And around the world for centuries different peoples have striven to get their stories and tales heard. The interesting thing about all this is that we don’t […]

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